How to reset your LED lights: purposes and methods

LED strip lights are a sought-after, eco-friendly lighting solution that can serve multiple functions. Additionally, their sleek and slim design allows for easy installation in various places, not causing any disruptions.

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Nevertheless, there might be instances where LED strip lights require a reset for proper functioning. If you aim to establish a vibrant and celebratory ambiance for a gathering or seek to augment the luminance of your working area, it is an uncomplicated and swift procedure to reset LED strip lights.

What is the purpose of utilizing the LED strip lights?

LED light strips are commonly utilized for designing aims. Homeowners can utilize it for decorating their rooms, workplaces, and vehicles. The light strip can provide its surroundings with a sufficient amount of light, and it doesn’t consume a high amount of electricity. These qualities make the light strip a superior choice.

Additionally, the light strip can make the places look more cozy and convenient. However, as mentioned before, it is necessary to reset it to enhance the condition and improve its general functioning ability.

What is the proper time for resetting LED lights?

Resetting LED light strips can be necessary for several reasons. In case you notice flickering or malfunctioning LED strips, a reset is a typical solution to get them back on track.

Moreover, in case the batteries of the remote control were changed lately, it might be an excellent thought to reset LED strip lights to ensure their proper functioning.


Furthermore, in case you have particular plans to customize settings, including power or colorization, resetting LED strip lights ensures the proper appearance of alterations.

If you are unaware whether there is a necessity to reset your LED strip lights, addressing the special instructions is a prudent approach.

Additionally, it is important to carry out this procedure if you possess a recently acquired LED strip. However, if the light strip does not respond properly after a power outage, it may be necessary to purchase a new one or some replacement of LED light bulbs.

Discover the power of resetting LED light strips to optimize their performance and enhance your lighting experience.

A thorough guide on how to reset the LED strip light

Initially, you ought to plug the LED light strip into the socket to ensure the correct work of the reset button. Thus, carry out this move to begin the restarting procedure.

Consequently, you have to look for the button located on the upper part of the power cord. Once you notice it, press and hold the button and wait for its automatic deactivation. Only after these actions, you may disconnect it from the power source.


Then, you ought to look for the corded controller, which is linked to the power supply of the LED light strip. It should be utilized to reset LED strip lights.

A paper clip or alternative thing of approximately the same dimensions can be placed in the reset hole. Then, utilize the paper clip to continuously press the reset button located inside the reset hole. This course of action has to be enough for the resetting of the LED strip lights.

An alternative approach to resetting LED light strips

It is essential to comprehend that this approach is mostly utilized for RGB LED strips. Therefore, you ought to attempt to undertake this procedure in case you want to reset RGB LED strips.

Initially, start by plugging the LED strip light into the socket and activating it. Then, you need to take out the power adaptor from the LED light strip. Consequently, press and hold the power button located on the remote control.

The next action to undertake is connecting the power supply to the LED lights again. Once the LED strip lights are shining, you can leave the power button free. This should take approximately five seconds.

The LED light strip will display diverse colors such as red, blue, yellow, and green. Once the change of colors is finished, you might stop pressing the power button. It is a sign of the successful resetting procedure.

Another procedure to reset LED strip lights

This approach resembles the preceding one and requires carrying out an approximately similar consequence of actions. However, the outcomes of this procedure are slightly distinct.

Initially, it is required to connect the LED strip lights to the electric socket to ensure the connection with the power supply. In case this isn’t taking place, the reset button will not operate accordingly.

Consequently, locate the reset button on the LED light strip. There is generally a picture of the reset symbol on this button.


The next step is deactivating the LED strip lights. The two potential methods of undertaking it are utilizing a power button on the power source or taking the LED strip light out of the socket.

Consequently, you need to extract the power adapter. It is necessary to avoid any source of danger and not to come into contact with dangerous components of the LED light strips. In case you want to ensure the activation of the power adapter, simply check if the LED strip lights are still lighting.

After that, utilize an object of a small dimension to press and hold the reset button for a short period. Once you have done this, bring the power adapter back to its original position. Check whether the procedure is completed successfully by activating the LED strip lights.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can familiarize yourself with commonly inquired questions and their responses.

Why are my LED lights not working?

It is feasible to make several causes of this occurrence. It is mostly related to the obstacles with the power supply. The LED light strip can either be plugged incorrectly or there might be issues with the components of the power supply. In case it doesn’t function even after plugging firmly, it might be necessary to replace some of its components.
Additionally, attempt to utilize several electric sockets to comprehend the root of the problem with your LED strip light. Consequently, the next issue might be related to the remote, so it’s essential to comprehend how the remote control works. Therefore, attempt to observe all the possible causes and find the real one.

How do I reset my LED strip lights?

There are diverse approaches you can undertake to reset your LED strip lights. You can utilize a remote and the reset button. Once you do every stage according to the guide, your LED strip light will be like a new light strip.
It is important to connect the LED lights to the socket and remove the power adapter. Consequently, deactivate the appliance and tap on the reset button utilizing a tiny tool. Then, put the power adaptor in its original position and turn on the appliance to check whether you undertook it successfully.
Nevertheless, this procedure requires direct contact with the electrical appliance and its components. Thus, don’t forget to be extra cautious.

Why are my LED lights different colors?

Several reasons can explain the alterations in the colors of LED strip lights. Typically, it is connected to overheating or a deficient amount of power entering the light strip.
Thus, the issue of excessive heating is linked to poor ventilation conditions. For instance, in case the LED light strip is located at the back of the household furniture or in any place with almost no access to fresh air, the light strip will begin altering its color. Therefore, before positioning the LED light strip, consider and choose its future location cautiously.
If the color alterations are taking place only on the edges of the LED light strip, there might be issues with the power source. Thus, observe the power source for any problems and check its compartments. It is necessary to make sure that the amount of power activating the LED light strip is actually enough for its functioning.


The LED light strip is generally known for its high efficacy, eco-friendliness, and comparably great brightness ability. While it might seem unimportant, resetting them can prevent potential issues, improve overall performance, and tackle the predicaments concerning its operation.

Therefore, don’t neglect the resetting procedure and carry it out cautiously. Once you have chosen one of the potential techniques explained, be careful not to injure yourself and pay attention to the manufacturer of the LED light strips. The reason is possible differences in the resetting technique according to the make.

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