Do night lights use a lot of electricity: [calculations]

Night light bulbs for dim lighting are supposed to be used at least for twelve hours a day. That’s why it is essential to be aware of your expenses for the night lights.

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Table of devices

So, your light determines the check. There are the following kinds of night lights:

Type of devicesWattage (kilowatts)
LED bulbs or night lights (Light-emitting-diode)0.0005
Electroluminescent night lights0.0002 to 0.0005
Incandescent bulbs0.0015 to 0.0075
Neon0.0005 to 0.001

Advice: pay attention to automatic night lights. They have special light sensors. It also helps to cut the amount in the electric bill. A device turns itself off while the room light increases (room light reaches an appropriate meaning).

How to calculate how much electricity the night light bulbs require

The method to calculate: The wattage of a device x The time a device has worked. For instance, you’ve got a night light labeled with 2W.

It has been being turned on for twelve hours a day for a month.

These are the calculations of the power consumption:

  1. The number of hours the device has worked = 12 x 31 = 372
  2. The power consumption = 2W x 372 hours = 744W or 0.744 kilowatts

To count the money you have to pay for this, just multiply this by the cost per kilowatt according to your tariff plan. For example, if you have to pay 0.23 dollars per kilowatt (most people in the United States have such terms), there will be your calculations: 0.23 dollars x 0.744 kilowatts = 0.17 dollars.

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LED night lights

Typical lights are labeled with 0.0005 kilowatts. How much electricity an LED night light takes: 

  1. 0.0005 kilowatts x 372 hours = 0.19 kilowatts
  2. 0.19 kW x 0.23 dollars = 0.04 dollars

According to the calculations, you spend 0.04 dollars per 31 nights for an LED night light with LED bulbs.

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Neon night lights

The night lights and the previous ones are close in power consumption. The characteristics are 0.0005 to 0.001 kilowatts.

It’s a great opportunity to save money.

A night light requires 0.04-0.08 dollars per thirty-one days.

Electroluminescent night lights

An electroluminescent night light (energy-efficient device) takes 0.0002 to 0.0005 kilowatts. So, imagine the night light uses 0.0002 kilowatts. Here are the calculations of how much electricity it takes:

  1. 0.0002 kilowatts x 372 hours = 0.07 kilowatts
  2. 0.07 kilowatts x 0.23 dollars = 0.02 dollars

As you see, you pay 0.02 monthly dollars for an electroluminescent night light. Save money!

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Incandescent night lights

The night lights use more than the others. Typical lights use 0.0015 to 0.0075 kilowatts. For instance, the night light uses 0.004 kilowatts. Let’s count your expenses according to the formula you have already learned:

  1. 0.004 kilowatts x 372 hours = 1.488 kilowatts
  2. 1.488 kilowatts x 0.23 dollars = 0.34 dollars 

So, you pay 0.34 dollars per thirty-one days for using one device.

But if you have many rooms and lots of devices in them, it’s better for your electric bill to buy energy-efficient night lights.

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How much does it cost to leave a night light on all night?

Even an inefficient incandescent night light takes 0.01 dollars per 12h. Energy-efficient night lights require nearly nothing, especially if they’ve got light sensors. The devices turn themselves off while the room light increases (room light reaches an appropriate meaning).

Does leaving lights on overnight use a lot of electricity?

How much energy does it require? Depending on the night light, night lights use 2 to 48W.

How much does it cost to run a night light for 24 hours?

The light determines the energy bill. But anyway, 0.03 dollars is the maximum price.

Do night lights cost a lot to run?

A night light uses 0.24 to 4 dollars annually.


Pay attention to incandescent night lights, LED night lights (Light-emitting-diodes), neon night lights, and electroluminescent things. Depending on the device you have chosen, one night light takes 0.24 to 4 dollars annually.


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