How to reset LED lights without remote control

LED strip lights or LS, also known as ribbon lights, have risen in prominence in recent years because of their quality features, like power efficiency and life expectancy of the bulb.

A good quality LED light bulb, according to the prescribing information, can last about 15 000 hours or more than other bulbs, thus reducing the need for their regular replacement.  They often come with a push-button device to adjust their luminosity, shade, and other settings when it is required. But unfortunately, like any appliance, they may confront problems that must be addressed.

The luminosity or shade of LED light strips can be modified with remote control if the unit is functioning competently.

The current article describes all possible ways that help to solve one of the most frequently encountered problems of how to reset LED lights without remote units in case of their disappearance or breakdown.

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LED strip lights system structure

First, we have to understand the structure of the LED strip lights system before we begin to study the resetting process for LED light bulbs.

The structure of the LED strip lights includes a printed board with separate diodes that are jointly connected in a series or parallel circuit. The power supply unit and distant handling unit control the LED light strip and thus enable users to set the parameters of the LED light.

Next, having a little insight into the system structure, we can begin to study the process for resetting the LED strip lights that can help to solve abnormal operations or recover LED lighting initial settings.

Now, let’s look at the most appropriate and simplest way to reset LED light remote.

There should be no difficulties in controlling the LED light strip system if you approach this process very carefully and responsibly. Follow the guidelines described below to make reset your remote.

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Turn-by-turn instructions

This detailed instruction contains the necessary guidelines and describes each step for the successful completion of the procedure for conducting LED strip light reset when there is no distant handling unit.

Resetting LED light using the manuals

The very first action that needs to be executed to reset LED lights without a remote device should be the checking of the LED light strip manufacturers’ recommendations, which are usually given for LED lights or going through the websites of manufacturers.

The LED light manufacturers’ manuals give accurate data on how to reset LED lights without remote devices and can have information about the model of your LED lights.

The manufacturers’ instructions should be followed cautiously, as the procedure may differ depending on the device and the control system.

As regards, the guide on how to restore factory settings, please read the user’s manuals for commissioning and operating adjustable LED lights.

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Resetting LED light remotely using the source of power

In case you are unable to get the manual to control your LED lights, there is another way to reset LED light remote control: disable the power source.

The easiest is to activate LED lights using the connection to the source.

Then identify the source of power that feeds your LED lights. The key source can be a wall plug, a control unit, or a power outlet.

To reset LED light remote, do the following:

  • Identify the adapter or power unit for your LED strips;
  • Disable the source from the electrical outlet;
  • It is necessary until the strip lights are turned off completely. The process will take at least thirty seconds. This time frame allows any feeble residual charge to be dissipated, ensuring a clean reset of the LED strip lights;
  • Insert the power unit back into the alternating current mains electricity power supply. Then the LED light remote parameters will be restored to their original settings.

Resetting LED light using the control box

Next, you can use the control unit to reset the LED light strip manually:

  • Identify the control box plugged into the LED light strip;
  • Identify the button labeled as “RESET”;
  • Proceed with the reset switch;
  • Take 10-15 seconds to hit the switch;
  • Then the reset switch needs to be released to complete the reset LED light remote.
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Resetting LED light using a smartphone application

Numerous mobile applications are installed for remote LED light systems reset. It’s a high-tech option.

Check the compatibility of your LED lights, and if that’s okay, you can download the application for your LED light model and run it on your phone.

Then you can perform the steps describing how to reset LED lights without a remote.

  • Start up the remote control app on your phone;
  • Access the settings or LED light remote controls section of the application;
  • Identify a reset or original factory reset option for the LED light remote;
  • Select the LED light strip resetting option and confirm it;
  • Wait until the reset process is complete.How to discover the best application for your LED light system
  • When you are going to select an application to control the process of resetting LED lights without remote devices, you have to consider some points.
  1. Select the features you wantSelect what features are important to you. Do you want an app that helps to change colors or set timers, control brightness, or dim lights?Once you know what features are essential to you, finding an application that meets your requirements to perform LED light remotes will be easier. You will be able to find information on the key features of the application section of the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Check the compatibilityThe selected application should be compatible with your devices. Most applications have information where it is indicated what devices are compatible with them.
  3. Check the reviewsBefore downloading any application, check the reviews. Reviews will help to see what was liked and what was disliked by other users.Read all reviews and descriptions of each application to be sure that it will work for your LED light remote operations.
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Resetting LED lights using smart switches

Using a smart switch can help to control the light fixture system. Also, you can use it to reset LED light remotely.

Using dimmer switch

A dimmer switch is suitable for almost every LED strip. The switching device will give you more authority over your LED strip light.

If you install a switch, it will not be needed to look for an LED light remote control to modify the intensity of the LED strip light.

Using motion sensor

A motion sensor is a device that uses various forms to detect movement.

If you install it in your place, it will provide an additional option for you to control your LED light remote more easily.

Automatically, all LED lights will be turned on whenever someone appears in the room.

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Resetting LED light using a new remote unit

If your existing remote unit suddenly disappeared or is damaged, you can displace it. And the cheapest and most effective option to reset LEDs remotely is to purchase a new one.

New LED remote

A replacement device can be purchased from the same vendor or at the store place.

You have to verify whether it is suitable with your current strip lights before procuring a new LED remote unit for your LED strip light, It is significant when you are going to deal with voltage requirements.

New LED strip light purchase

If a suitable remote is not available, or it is not working with the application, you’ll have to get a new LED strip light.

More LED stripes can be easily found than it was before, and they can be easily installed.

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Let’s review some specifications of a typical LED strip:

  • Includes many individual LED emitters mounted on a flexible circuit board.
  • They function on low-voltage DC power.
  • Provided in different colors, sizes, and intensity options.
  • Deliver in a long reel (usually five meters roll).
  • Can be cut with a knife to a suitable length.

Resetting LED light with the virtual assistant

If your LED light is smart, it can be easily connected to your virtual assistant. 

The compatibility of the lights with virtual assistants such as Browser Assistant is significant. A detailed description of how to connect LED lights with different units can be found on the lights package.

If this technique is unsuitable, it is necessary to hook smart lights with other external applications on the phone and use the smartphone as a LED light control

There are other ways to reset the LED light remote that you can search on the Internet. Whatever method you choose to reset LED lights without a remote, the most important is to comply with all safety precautions during the resetting of LED strip lights without a remote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The section below will give answers to most of the frequently asked questions.

How do I get my LED lights to work without a remote?

To get light diodes to function without the remote handling unit, a couple of ways and steps need to be performed: connect and disconnect their source using a suitable telephone application. Also, the smart switch can be used to control your LED lights.

Every method has its advantages and challenges, and it’s up to you to choose which one is more optimal.

Do LED lights have reset buttons?

These buttons are not provided for all LED lights. A reset switch/button for some systems is located on their control unit.

The button for resetting is usually located on the backside or topside of the strip. The button has a picture of the “RESET” symbol on it.

Why is my LED strip light not responding to my remote?

When the LED does not react to the device, the reason may be the following: interfering signals, broken remote controls, or low-voltage batteries.

For the purpose to control LED lights, we usually use a remote unit. The LED indicator can be controlled through distant control only after adjustment of the device.

There is no direct interaction between the controller and the LED strip. It transmits control signals via an infrared channel or radio channel to additional control devices.

If your LED is not reacting to your remote device, the most likely reasons should be noted:

1. Not properly connected system elements;
2. Destroyed power unit or dimmer;
3. The distant controller is not working properly. Usually, the problem is discharged batteries, which are easy to fix and thus solve the problem with LED light remotes.

In wrapping up

In summary, we can be sure all steps above will help promptly adjust your LED lighting system or reset the light distant control and recover control over the system illuminated with LED equipment.


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